Monday, February 13, 2012

Latest Furniture REDOS

 Have I mentioned lately that I love Craige's List? This beautiful Drexel buffet I got for FREEEEEE. The cabinet doors were there, just not on it. It was a horrible purple color. I painted it two different shades of gray and made it beautiful! The chair below I got from goodwill for $10 dollars. It was SO comfortable and a rocking chair too!


Dr Seuss Play Room

We have lived in our current house for almost 4 years. Our bonus room has never really been decorated, and has been the man room/craft room/dump room forever. So with the kids getting bigger, I decided it was time to make it into a functional room!!! Here is the before picture...

 Above is when we first moved in and it was the man room... Lovely dead bear on the wall. It is actually a pretty big room, so I split it up. The half by the window is the "play room" and the other half is craft area and office. 

 I decided to go with a Dr. Seuss theme! So, I borrowed my dad's projector and projected the pictures onto the wall, and traced them with a paint pen. Similar to what I did for the construction room. 

 I painted cat in the hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and my husband made me the growth chart out of some old barn wood!

 My awesome book shelves are.............................. vinyl rain gutters!!! They were less then 10 dollars at home depot! My husband cut them for me and screwed them into the wall, they work PERFECT!

This is also some cute board screwed to the wall with clips glued to them. Then I cut some vinyl for my kid's masterpieces! 

The kids LOVE the play room! My husband completed the room by making me this awesome toy box! 

Lobster Baby

For Halloween I love my kids to have original costumes. The first year my son was a chef, the second year he was a gnome, and this year (not original) he was a cowboy with his own cardboard horse. So, my daughter had to have original costumes too! Forever I thought I wanted them to match, but then I saw something about doing a baby as a lobster and putting it in a pot!!! Well... that is exactly what I did! I used a simplicity pattern for baby pajamas to make the body.

Naturally, my husband being a chef, I had him dress up in his outfit and carry her around! She was a HIT. Cute little thing just sat in her pot and didn't make a peep! 

It's been awhile....................

It has been a LONG time........... and I have SOOOOOOOOOO many projects I have done and not posted. I discovered pinterest. Yes. I am sure most of you know what it is. Instead of finding ideas, doing them, and blogging about them. I waste all my time looking at pinterest, then some time doing the projects, but not posting them! I have about 10-15 posts that should be coming within the next week or so! So don't give up on me!