Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ruffle Shirt Convert.

I am normally not a big ruffle fan. In fact, I normally hate ruffles. If we ever get a little girl, she will be in polka dots, never ruffles. BUT. I do love making ruffled shirts. They are just so easy and add so much! I got this idea from a girl I went to high school with named Erin. Sadly her blog is no longer around or I could have linked you to her tutorial! Here is mine.
 First, I start with a 97 cent old navy shirt. That way if I screw up, It was practically free!
 Next, I cut off the sleeves to make it a short sleeve shirt.
 Then, from the sleeves, I cut little strips that are about the same length and width. No need to be exact. These are going to be our ruffles
 Then, using the widest stitch on the sewing machine. Sew down each of the little strips. Make sure you don't go back to seal the stitch, not necessary on these!

Then, go back to your normal stitch, pin the ruffles into place, and sew them on. Using the normal stitch it will seal the ruffles and they will not come undone. Excuse my brown thread... It doesn't look this bad without the flash, but I was out of black thread and wanted to do this project! It just makes it more personalized I think! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buffet Cabinet Before and AFTER!

I am really into furniture re-do projects lately. The best part is buying them cheap and then re selling them! Here is my latest transformation.
Before... Ugly Ugly UGLY! But I knew it had potential!

A fresh coat of paint and a little stencil, good as new! FOR SALE!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Construction Big Boy Room COMPLETE!

Sorry there have been no new crafts. This big boy room has pretty much occupied ALL my time! The tractors on the wall took longer than I thought they would to fill in! Here is my big boy's room complete!
The trackster

Track hoe

Track Hoe


My nifty little curtain hooks! It is a fork! My husband bent the fork for me, and nailed between the spokes of the fork, and there you have it. A cheap/free curtain hook.

His future bed spread I made, I need a twin bed then this will go on it!

Needs some shelves, but other than that he loves it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Boy Room in the making!

My little man is almost two! I cannot believe it... We decided his nursery was ready to be turned into a big boy room. T is very very very into trucks, construction trucks preferably, thanks to his daddy. So I figured a contruction room would be perfect! I thought about getting some vinyl decals of trucks for the walls, but they were all coming out too spendy. So I thought of the idea of projecting trucks onto the wall, tracing them and then painting them! Lucky for me, my dad happened to have a projector that I simply plugged into my computer and projected images to the wall!!!!!!!!
Here is one of the images on the wall

Here is my projector set up with the computer and one of my traced tractors.

Another tractor. I am going to fill them in with yellow and black! If you don't have access to a projector like the ones I used, an old fashioned overhead projector works great too!

Mother's Day Cards!

Get some cheap adorable mother's day cards! Mother's day cards are only 99 cents with free shipping!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plain T-Shirt into Cardigan TUTORIAL #2

Here is another project from my stack of shirts in my earlier post Cinched Sleeve Shirt. This is so easy it is crazy! Here is the tutorial!
First start with a plain long sleeve shirt. This is another shirt I got from old navy for 97 cents!

Next, cut straight up the middle of the shirt.

Choose some sort of embellishment. I got his trim at Jo-ann fabrics. I only sewed it to one side of the shirt, because I thougth that was cute! You could do it on both sides if you wanted!

Finished product! Cut little accessory cardigan. These are sooooo simple! There are so many different ways you could do this too. Check out my other Plain Tee into Cardigan Tutorial.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I got really into this online estate sale auction last night... I got a little excited and probably paid more for this dresser than I would have liked.
After a little paint and stencil, the purchase may not have been so bad!!!


Pot Holder, Towel, Oven Skirt

My friend Liz is SO creative and came up with this little contraption! I was so excited about it, because Thomas is always pulling my rags that  have hanging off the oven handle. THIS makes it so he cannot do it! Here is how to do it!
First I strated with a clearance dish towel and pot holder. I thought they were festive!

Next, Sew the pot holder, open, down the middle to the middle of the rag.

I bunched the rag as I went so it would be gathered.

After that, fold up the pot holder, and sew a button to the opposite top as the loop

And here it is! My cute little oven skirt! Now I will be able to wipe my hands when I need to, or I can use it as a pot holder if need be as well!

Thanks Liz for the GREAT idea!!!