Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ruffle Shirt Convert.

I am normally not a big ruffle fan. In fact, I normally hate ruffles. If we ever get a little girl, she will be in polka dots, never ruffles. BUT. I do love making ruffled shirts. They are just so easy and add so much! I got this idea from a girl I went to high school with named Erin. Sadly her blog is no longer around or I could have linked you to her tutorial! Here is mine.
 First, I start with a 97 cent old navy shirt. That way if I screw up, It was practically free!
 Next, I cut off the sleeves to make it a short sleeve shirt.
 Then, from the sleeves, I cut little strips that are about the same length and width. No need to be exact. These are going to be our ruffles
 Then, using the widest stitch on the sewing machine. Sew down each of the little strips. Make sure you don't go back to seal the stitch, not necessary on these!

Then, go back to your normal stitch, pin the ruffles into place, and sew them on. Using the normal stitch it will seal the ruffles and they will not come undone. Excuse my brown thread... It doesn't look this bad without the flash, but I was out of black thread and wanted to do this project! It just makes it more personalized I think! :)


  1. That turned out great Michelle! I am not a ruffle person myself, but I do like the effect. I now have an Old Navy close by to me. Gotta check out them shirt deals!

  2. Love it! And gotta say I'm liking ruffles, in moderation :D How do these wash up? Do they fray alot? I want to try some of these projects, thanks for the tutorials!