Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red and Cream Dresser Makeover

Last time I bought paint, I went ahead and got a whole gallon of red paint. I am in love with painting furniture red, and it sets it apart and seems to sell better. So... Here is another red dresser from me! Here is the before.

 My original plan was the paint the drawers cream, and then do red stripes over them with silver handles. I painted the handles silver, and they looked awful. So, in my mind there can never be too much red, so I painted them red for fun. I decided to put the whole dresser together and see how it looked and decide about the stripes from there... once I put it together I was in love, and didn't touch it anymore! This is a basset dresser I got for a steal on craige's list. The drawers open amazing and I love the curved lines!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Cupcakes

If you read my blog at all, I am sure you wonder if I have a.d.d. or have an identity crisis! ha! I can't decide if I am a furniture restorer, baker, cook, or 31 consultant, and also throw in a stay at home mom with a part time at home administration job. Apparently I like to be busy?

 My husband and I are catering 3 weddings this summer. We are doing the dinner as well as the cupcake/wedding cake. Two of these weddings are on back to back weekends.... crazy? Yes.

I was lucky enough to be asked to do the cupcakes for a beautiful wedding last weekend. The couple were high school sweethearts, and one of my best friend's little brother was the groom. Sweet sweet couple. I made Red Velvet, Chocolate, Lemon and White cupcakes all with cream cheese frosting. 220 of them. It was a long, exhausting 2 day project, but I was happy to do it! Below are my beauties, and if you click on the types of cupcake I did that will take you to a link with the recipes!!!

I love spray paint!

Yard sale season is upon us and I am SOOOOO happy! I always miss it during the winter months, and only have craige's list to feed my junk obsession. Craige's is not the same as yard sales though, there is just something about stumbling on that find that is way under priced and snatching it up before someone else sees it! Here is one beauty I found, and the amazing powers of spray paint to transform! 

Amazing mirror right? I am sure a lot of people couldn't see past the gold, but when I saw it I immediately envisioned it in my daughter's bedroom! Also, I did a little trick on the mirror to not get paint on it.... I put saran wrap on it! It stuck to it perfectly and I just shoved it into the edges of the mirror as best I could. I did get a little bit of paint on the mirror, but a razor blade took it off perfectly. 

Happy Yard Saling!