Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I love spray paint!

Yard sale season is upon us and I am SOOOOO happy! I always miss it during the winter months, and only have craige's list to feed my junk obsession. Craige's is not the same as yard sales though, there is just something about stumbling on that find that is way under priced and snatching it up before someone else sees it! Here is one beauty I found, and the amazing powers of spray paint to transform! 

Amazing mirror right? I am sure a lot of people couldn't see past the gold, but when I saw it I immediately envisioned it in my daughter's bedroom! Also, I did a little trick on the mirror to not get paint on it.... I put saran wrap on it! It stuck to it perfectly and I just shoved it into the edges of the mirror as best I could. I did get a little bit of paint on the mirror, but a razor blade took it off perfectly. 

Happy Yard Saling!


  1. I love spray paint too! LOVELY yard sale find! I would have seen past the gold! :)

  2. I want this mirror! Great find!

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