Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plain T-Shirt into Cardigan TUTORIAL #2

Here is another project from my stack of shirts in my earlier post Cinched Sleeve Shirt. This is so easy it is crazy! Here is the tutorial!
First start with a plain long sleeve shirt. This is another shirt I got from old navy for 97 cents!

Next, cut straight up the middle of the shirt.

Choose some sort of embellishment. I got his trim at Jo-ann fabrics. I only sewed it to one side of the shirt, because I thougth that was cute! You could do it on both sides if you wanted!

Finished product! Cut little accessory cardigan. These are sooooo simple! There are so many different ways you could do this too. Check out my other Plain Tee into Cardigan Tutorial.


  1. Brilliant! Thanks for linking this one too!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Super cute, I love the embellishment choice for this stripey tee!

  3. Great idea!! I love the embellishment! Did you turn under the other side or leave it unfinished? Just wondering.

  4. Great idea - I've got loads of shirts that could use this upgrade. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  5. LOVE this, I want to set aside time to do it...SO cute! My friend Juliet (your roomie a few months ago) told me about your blog (I love the crafty blogs) and I thought I'd come over and say hi.