Monday, September 26, 2011

Dresser and Matching Night stands makeover

Have I mentioned lately how much I love craige's list? The other day I was surfing it and found a dresser with two matching nightstands for $30, there was no picture, so I had to text for a picture. When I got the picture it was a bad quality photo of some black painted furniture, but it looked like it had nice details. I discovered a whole new ghetto of my town when I went to get them! It was an adventure, but when I got there, it was WELL worth it! Here are the two nigh stands before,

the night stands ALONE I would have paid 30 dollars for, but then the huge beautiful dresser came too!!! Here is the after shot. Some gray paint, light sanding to shabby chic it, and then I spray painted all the hardware, by the way ALL the hardware was included! Can you say steal?

AREN'T THEY BEAUTIFUL!!! It took everything in me to not keep them! I wanted $250 for all three, but sold them to a nice lady for $200! I knew they were going to a good home. $170 profit, not too shabby!

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  1. love the nightstands already! PS your blog is fabulous and you're adorable! ~Jodi