Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barn Wood Window BOW HOLDER

My husband works construction, and he recently did a barn demo. He was really excited to take some of the wood home, and he also brought me home several other surprises! He brought me three doors and about 15 windows!!!!!!!!!! I was ecstatic!!! Most of the windows all had their original glass still intact! This window that I used didn't have any glass, but I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. Here we go:
 Here is my original BEAUTIFUL window frame. I love it.
 I just barely painted it red so it would match my daughter's room. Then, I had these little hooks on hand so I drilled some holes, then screwed these in to hold her headbands
On the back of the window, I used ribbon running from the top to the bottom of the window for the bows, and I stapled it into place. 
 ALL DONE! Now she just needs more hair accessories!

Sweet girl.


  1. I love the barnwood. So awesome!

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