Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Girl Puff Dress

I am finally in the sewing mood again, and decided it was time to make my baby girl a dress. I went to Jo-Ann fabrics on one of their pattern sale days (because there is no way I would ever pay $15 for a pattern) and I got this Simplicity Pattern 3854 for 99 cents.

I LOVED the puffy little dress, but I hated the little pants.......... After studying the pattern for a while I started to cut out the pieces and make the dress. I am not big on perfection, so I even had my Grandma help me figure out the puffy portion, and it was so much easier than I thought! Here is my adorable baby girl and my final product. 

Is she not adorable????????? I ended up also making a similar dress in a different color for my friend's newborn baby! If you are not going to make the ugly pants to go under it, make sure you cut the skirt portion longer than the pattern says. On the first dress I didn't, and my husband said it was almost too short for her to wear :) protective daddy even though she is only 10 months old! I added the little yellow ribbon and I had the sweater since it is still cold here! I am thinking of also doing a variation of this dress for Easter. If you think it is cute, buy the pattern and do it! IT IS SO EASY! The second dress took me less than an hour. 


  1. Gorgeous dress Michelle - and even more adorable little girl! My how she's growing!!! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. May you please send me the pattern to make one? How would I fix it for a 3-years girl? TNX!