Thursday, May 3, 2012

Construction Cake!

My sweet little boy turned 3 last week! I cannot believe 3 years has gone by... I wanted to make him a special cake for his birthday. My little guy is into all things daddy, and daddy is a construction worker, so a construction cake it was. I started searching on pinterest, because that is where all my inspiration comes from lately, and I found this tutorial. I was inspired by the inside of the cake looking like caution tape, so I thought I would give it a try!!! Let me just say, any time I need to work with a cake from now on instead of just chilling it, I am FREEZING IT. It worked out so much better, and it still tasted great!!!

Above are my frozen cakes after I cut the rings out and placed them together. I then put them back in the freezer to try and meld together. 

 My 3 year old's little cake

TADA! I cannot tell you how excited I was when we cut into it and it actually looked like caution tape! I am not a perfectionist or great at following directions, so considering that, I thought this turned out pretty awesome!

A piece of the cake! Check out the tutorial and her cake, it is so much easier than it looks!

My little construction workers.

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