Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another AMAZING Book for your kids or grandkids

In Search of the Queen Swallowtail

A tale of learning honesty and forgiveness

Authored by Luther M. Maddy III
Eight year old Michael Jamison takes his hobby of collecting butterflies very seriously. He knows more about butterflies than most adults. After Michael receives a book from his Grandmother and learns of a beautiful butterfly found in southern Florida, he pleads with his parents to take him there to collect this prize butterfly.

Finances make this trip out of the question. The family needs about $1,000 extra to make the trip possible. Determined to get to Florida, Michael decides to work to earn enough money for the trip.

Hiring himself out as a handyman, Michael is hired by Mrs. Garvey. Mrs. Garvey is a mean, bitter widow who constantly yells at the neighborhood children. This elderly woman asks Michael to help clean a spare bedroom so her daughter can stay with her.

Michael struggles with honesty and forgiveness over how Mrs. Garvey treats him. In the end he and his entire family will witness the transforming power of Jesus in a bitter elderly lady, because of his honesty.


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