Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 10 & 11

Well, Day 10 is a picture that makes me happy
This is my husband Gabe holding our newborn baby boy Thomas right after he was born. Gabe was the first person to hold him. Thomas's birth mom had a c-section, so they brought him out to us about 5 minutes he was born. We went up to the nursery with him, and they handed him to Gabe. Before this he was terrified of babies and didn't want to hold them for fear of breaking them, but not with his little boy! Happiest day of our lives.

Day 11 is a picture that makes me sad

This is my dad and brother. This picture was taken 2 weeks after my mom passed away, and we were in Hawaii. My dad had been planning a "farewell" trip with my mom to Hawaii, but she didnt' make it. We decided that the three of us, our now family, would make the trip instead. It wasn't the most fun trip, but I am glad we did it. This is probably the first picture of our "family" after my mom died.


  1. Wow, I lost my dad in 2006. We had a really good relationship just four months before he passed. I'm glad we had that time- even from afar. God bless.

  2. we've got one of those pictures after we lost my dear mother in law from her first birthday without her, it never looks quite right if you know what I mean!
    I'm sure your mum loved the fact that even though she didn't make it there you still went.
    And that picture of your baby boy really makes me want another one!!