Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 12,13,14 &15

Playing Catch up... I haven't been doing this for a while!
Day 12- Something I am OCD about.
Well.. Come to my house or hang out with me, and you will know I am probably the least OCD person there is... But there is ONE thing that drives me insane. My husband is a trained chef and used to work in the restaurants. One thing he does that drives me absolutely crazy... When his hands are dirty from cooking, he touches EVERYTHING. He will have bacon grease on his hands, olive oil, flour, whatever, and he tends to open every door there is. He gets stuff all over the microwave door, the pantry door, the fridge door. This has been probably the number one cause of fights! haha. Bless his heart, he is cooking to begin with, so I shouldn't be too mad, and he usually cleans up after himself pretty well. But oh how I hate grabbing the pantry door and getting whatever was on his hands last all over mine.

Day 13- Description of what is in my purse
My purse is a mess... Kind of showing how I am not very OCD about anything! I have TONS of coupons strewn about my purse. Ads from stores for price matching, mints from restaurants, and a few straggling socks. Why the socks? I don't know. I even have a diaper in there for emergencies!

Day 14- Photo of a person I would like to trade places with for a day.

Padma Lakshami. The ONLY thing I want to do that she does is be a food judge on TOP CHEF. Top Chef is one of my favorite shows and I would love to just be able to eat food all day long and judge people on it. She is also a model and I would NOT want to do that part of her job.

Day 15-Photo of me and a new friend
Well. Here it is! My family and Santa. Santa our new friend... I don't have hardly any pictures with me and anyone, so it was either Santa or our new dog, so you get Santa!

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  1. Greetings from The Adventures of Mommy B!!

    I found you in the All About Me bit! I have a hard time keeping up with it too!!