Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mini Vacation!

This weekend, we took a mini vacation to lagoon! We took my brother and his girlfriend with us so that we would be able to ride some rides while they watched the kids. Our trail blazer only fits three adults after the two car seats, so we decided to take my dad's car that had a bench seat in front. it was a TIGHT fit! On our way there, we weren't really paying attention to the gas gauge and realized we were getting super low!!! We were frantically looking for a gas station, because we were literally in the middle of nowhere. We finally saw a Sinclair station in the distance, and pulled off. The little convenience store attached to the gas station was called "Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere" Huh. So. We go in, get a drink, come out and my husband tells me.... the car won't start! I am not freaking out yet, so I told him, let's just get someone to jump us... we tried. Did not work. SO. I called a tow truck. Gabe and Thomas left in the tow truck, (probably the highlight of my son's trip was riding in the tow truck) My brother, his girlfriend, Mia and I waited at the gas station for................. 5 HOURS! My dad met Gabe and switched him cars. Turned out the starter in my dad's car was broken, but they had it fixed before he even got there. We arrived in Salt Lake about 6 hours later than scheduled, but everyone was in good spirits! We had a BLAST at lagoon!!!

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