Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Sleevish Shirt Refashion

I have had this idea forever to make a long sleeve or tee or whatever into just a one sleeve, but with one of the actual capped sleeves still intact. This is from a previous refashion that I wasn't crazy about. The cinched sleeve tutorial. Basically all I did was cut at a diagonal from right under the hem for the top of the shirt, the neck part, cannot think of the real name for it! So, cut at a diagonal until just below the second arm.  I loved the look of just the one sleeve, but I absolutely hate wearing a strapless bra, so I added the little strap, and I don't think it looks so bad!

I just sewed the little strap on sewing right side to right side. I had the shirt on first, and then pinned where I wanted the strap to go. I did this for the front, but forgot to for the back, so it is a little off in the back. oh well! Fun and easy! Took me about 5 minutes!

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