Thursday, November 4, 2010

Compliments on my ruffle Shirt!

Today I was in the elevator at the doctor's office and I was wearing my ruffle shirt I made. The other woman in the elevator said "I love your shirt! It's anthropologie right?" Then I told her I made it and she was all impressed and then I told her how to make it and how easy it was. I was SO excited because that means I actually did a good job and it doesn't look too holly hobby! If you know me at all, you know perfection in crafts or sewing is not really a focus for me, so this was a big deal! If you haven't checked out my ruffle shirt, check it out and make one yourself!


  1. Yeah! Love this story! I found your blog by accident and fell in love with it!

    Thanks for all you share!!!


  2. Love it! So good to get compliments like that!

  3. It feels great to get a compliment on something you make huh!