Friday, November 5, 2010

I love craige's list

I am a craige's list ADDICT! Now that yard sale season is over, craige's is the only place I can get my good used stuff besides thrift stores. The other day I was just browsing for dressers. I am also addicted to dressers... And I came across this beauty for only $10! In the posting there was no picture, so I had to wait for her to text me a pic, and when I got it, I nearly left work an hour early!

The lady said she was about to throw it in the dump or get rid of it for free because the top of the dresser is warped. You can't see in the pic too clearly, but this dresser has the most beautiful details! So for $10 I shoved this into my little jeep cherokee and left a very happy happy girl. Right now Gabe has clamps on the top of the dresser to try and bring it down a little bit so we can just use a nail gun to get it to stay down. I have full confidence the top will be an easy fix. NOW, I just have to decide what I want to do with it! Here are my ideas
1. clean it up, and leave as is for the shabby chic look
2. Do a fresh coat of white paint
3. Do a fresh coat of white paint and mod podge old sheet music to the drawers
4. Paint it a whole new color, red, black or something else fun

I don't know... My other decision is whether or not I should keep this for myself, or try and re-sell it. I know I could definately make more than $10 on it once it is fixed up. What to do.

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  1. I think any of those ideas sound goooood. I think that if you left it "shabby chic" that it wouldn't fit in all that well in our house. If you painted it anything else though, you'd probably have to get new hardware unless the hardware would do fine. I like it. A lot.