Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fabric Wall Book Holder

My sister in law showed me this fantastic idea the other day. I am going to make a few of these to hold DVD's instead of books. Here are the supplies you  need:

1.   2 wooden dowels (make sure they are skinny enough to fit in your curtain rod hanger... Mine were not so we had to improvise and Gabe cut the ends a little thinner)

2.   2 double rod curtain brackets

3.   about a yard of fabric

4.   Screwdriver

5.   Sewing Machine, or heat n bond

Here are all of my supplies

Make sure you fabric is doubled over, and then measure how long you want it to be on the wall. Double your wall measurement and then cut that size (You will just fold the finished piece in half, that is why you double the measurment. Sew your fabric right sides together leaving a little space to turn it right side out. From there, put your wooden dowel at one end and fold over the fabric. Pin the fabric with the dowel still in so you know you have enough room.

This is what it should look like with the whole thing spread out and the dowel at one end. Repeat the step for the second dowel.

Screw the brackets into the wall and then fold your fabric together with both dowels at top and place them in the rod holder.

Tada. I could have made this a little shorter if I wanted the dvd's to stick out, but I liked it just like this. I used this to hold DVD's in our bedroom, but this is also an excellent book holder for a play room, kid's room or any room. I am going to make another matching one to go above this. Then I am going to make one for Thomas's room. I might even make one for the bathroom to hold magazines!


  1. I'm going to do this, too! Love it!

  2. This IS a great idea! I'm going to try it too!

  3. Darling! I love how this turned out, and the fun red fabric you chose. Well done.

  4. Turned out great! Thanks for linking to Fantabulous Friday!

  5. Hey Michelle, you added this to the Christmas Sharing Time, so I'm going to go ahead & move it over to this week's regular Sharing Time. The same with the T-shirt Re-fashion. Thanks for linking up!
    p.s. I love the fabric you used for this project!

  6. this is such a cute idea! If you have a chance come link up to handmade tuesdays @ ladybug blessings tomorrow.

  7. I love this idea, and I can't wait to try it!

  8. Oh, wow, this is amazing. Using those double rods is genius! Thanks for sharing SUCH a great idea.

  9. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at my Strut Your Stuff Linky Party!